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News headline - Cyber Attack

Cyber Security

Our lives have never been more reliant on a network of computers to function in the modern world. But with the ease that they provide also comes the threat of cyber attack, making us vulnerable to criminals, hackers and unfriendly foreign powers which is why cyber security is so high profile right now.

Cyber Security Courses at B&FC

Staying one step ahead of the criminals and hackers who seek to disrupt and exploit computer networks is the ultimate game of 'cat and mouse' and is the perfect career for anyone who wants to deploy their IT skills in an often fast-paced and edgy environment.

If this area of information technology really appeals to you, we have courses which specialise in cyber security from Level 2 right up to degree-level study. Here is a list of our dedicated courses:

Principles of Cyber Security - Level 2

An entry level programme which will introduce you to the principles of cyber security and familiarise you with the terminology used in the industry. This course is the ideal springboard to further study in this sector.

Computing with Programming, Games Development & Cyber Security - Level 3 Triple Diploma

Whilst this extended diploma courses covers more than just cyber security, it provides the perfect foundation for degree-level study, giving you a broad context in which to site your particular field of interest.

Network Engineering (Cyber Security) - Foundation Degree

This two-year programme will provide you with all the essential skills and knowledge to pave the way to becoming a cyber security professional. You will learn all the techniques necessary to detect, establish and mitigate security risks within an organisation and gain vital understanding of the laws and processes which govern network and data security.

Network Engineering (Cyber Security) - BSc (Hons) Degree - Topup

The British Computer Society accredited combination of technical, academic and transferable skills which this course delivers builds on the knowledge of the Foundation Degree to produce graduates capable of competing for the very best roles in the industry.

Interested in eSports, game development and more?
B&FC delivers a comprehensive range of computing and digital technologies programmes designed to nurture new talent within the industry and offer upskilling and reskilling opportunities to those who are already working in the sector. Check out our subject page to see a full list of the courses we offer from short programmes and apprenticeships foundation and honours degrees.

Why computing at B&FC?

  • Sector accredited

    Our degree courses are accredited by the British Computer Society.

  • Leading edge

    We continuously invest in our facilities to ensure they are state-of-the-art.

  • Industry expert

    All our tutors have industry experience and regularly update their skills.

As well as regularly investing in the latest hardware and software developments, B&FC has reimagined the learning environment to create 'classrooms' that simulate workplaces. For school leavers, this provides an invaluable introduction to life beyond school whilst for adult learners it gives them the confidence to emerge from their course of study ready to hit the ground running in the IT sector.

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Check out where you'll be 'working'

Cyber classroom 1
Cyber classroom 2
Cyber classroom 3
Cyber classroom 4
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