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COVID-19: Apprentice FAQs

The Education and Skill Funding Agency (ESFA) have published detailed guidance on any changes for apprenticeships because of COVID-19.

Blackpool and The Fylde College (B&FC) have summarised for you on this page in the form of frequently asked questions. Our aim at B&FC is to enable employers and apprentices start, continue and complete their apprenticeships wherever possible. Please do not hesitate to contact your Skills Coach/Designated Tutor if you have any additional questions. If you are struggling to contact your Skills Coach/Designated Tutor then please call or text one of the Apprenticeship Delivery Managers Gillian Sloane on 07793 242363 or Pam Ashworth on 07834 177103.

What will change on my apprenticeship? 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we have had to restrict where training and assessment takes place based on instruction from the government. Those restrictions are no longer in place.  All apprentices can attend on-site training and assessment in educational settings as well as workplaces.

We will cover everything that you need to achieve your apprenticeship as agreed in your learning plan.  We will work with you, your employer and the end point assessment organisation (EPAO) in line with the relevant guidance and continue to judge the appropriate balance of on-site and remote training and assessment.

Apprentices can attend B&FC for learning, teaching, assessment and any wider support.  Many apprentices are likely to continue to engage in some digital learning, teaching, coaching or assessment at an agreed time within their working hours. B&FC will also be undertaking activity on employer’s premises.

My employer is laying me off/making me redundant. What happens to my apprenticeship?

Please speak to your Skills Coach or Designated Tutor at B&FC as soon as you can if you are made redundant.  We will work with you to enable your apprenticeship training to continue whenever possible.

Apprentices on unpaid leave may also be eligible for other benefits.

If I can’t work/attend training, will I still be paid?

An apprenticeship is a job with training, so even when you are not able to do your training, you are still employed. You will be paid in line with the details in your employment contract.

Where you are unable to work, you need to speak to your employer about their policies on pay.

I am on a fixed-term contract, which would ordinarily have provided enough time for me to complete the training and the end-point assessment. If the training is delayed, and I have not completed my EPA before I leave employment, can I do the end-point assessment afterwards?

Please speak to your Skills Coach or Designated Tutor at B&FC.

We will work with you and your employer to reschedule the end-point assessment wherever we can, which may also include reviewing your apprenticeship agreement and commitment statement.

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