Course TitleCourse Code
Painter and Decorator - Intermediate ApprenticeshipWB00019
Painting and Decorating - Advanced TechniquesCP1EC72
Painting and Decorating - ApprenticeshipWB00005
Painting and Decorating - Basic TechniquesCP1EC71
Painting and Decorating - Level 1CP1FE90
Painting and Decorating - Level 2CP1FE75
Painting and Decorating - Level 3CP1FE76
Paramedic Professional Practice - Level 3 Triple DiplomaSE1FE374
Pattern MakingVE1EC41
Performing Arts - Level 2VP1FE40
Performing Arts - Level 3 Triple DiplomaVP1FE38
Periodic Inspection, Testing and Certification of Electrical Installations - Level 3CE1EC163
Perming TechniquesTC1EC07
Personal Licence Holders - Level 2TF1EC045
Personal Training (Gym Based Exercise) - Level 3TS1FE137
Photography - BA Hons DegreeVL1HE16
Photography - Level 2VM1FE234
Photography - Level 3 Triple DiplomaVA1FE94
Photography: Intermediate Level Studio and Photoshop PracticeVE2EC36
Physical Activity, Health and Nutrition - BSc Hons Degree - TopupTH1HE173
Physical Activity, Health and Nutrition - Foundation DegreeTH1HE172
Plait and Twist Hair - Level 2TC1FE15
Plastering (Evening)CB1EC232
Plastering - Advanced ApprenticeshipWB00008
Plastering - ApprenticeshipWB00006
Plastering - Level 1CB1FE241
Plastering - Level 2CB1FE167
Plastering - Level 2WN1EE8191
Plastering - Level 3CB1FE169
Plumbing - Level 1CM1FE251
Plumbing - Level 2CM1FE204
Plumbing - Level 2CM1FE258
Plumbing - Level 3CM1FE254
Plumbing and Heating - Advanced ApprenticeshipWT00002
Plumbing and Heating - Apprenticeship WT00001
Postgraduate Certificate in Education - Level 7 PGCEST1HE01
Pre Apprenticeship (Traineeship)WGSP1001
Preparation and Practice for the Life in UK TestGO1EC125
Preparation for IELTS - Visa and ImmigrationGO1EC126
Preparation for IELTS - Work and StudyGO1EC127
Preparing to Work in Health and Social Care - Level 3SC1FE414
Principles and Practices of Assessment - Level 3WN1EE8184
Principles Applied Science - Level 2ES1FE0043
Principles of Dementia Care - Level 2SA1FE044
Principles of Working with Individuals with Learning Disabilities - Level 2SC1FE417
Print Club - Intaglio PrintmakingVE2EC34
Print Club - Relief PrintmakingVE2EC35
Print Club - Screen PrintingVE2EC33
Production Chef - Intermediate ApprenticeshipWF00058
Professional Bakery - Level 3TF1FE054
Professional Cookery (Preparation and Cooking) - Level 3TF1FE050
Professional Cookery - Level 2TF1FE046
Professional Food and Beverage Service Skills - Level 2TF1FE053
Professional Policing (Pre Join) - BA (Hons) (Subject to Validation)TH1HE179
Professional Sewing SkillsVE1EC42
Project Management - Degree ApprenticeshipEN00063
Project Management - Foundation DegreeEM1HE525
Property Maintenance Operative - Intermediate ApprenticeshipWB00013
Providing Manicure Services - Level 2TB1FE08
Providing Pedicure Services - Level 2TB1FE10
Public Services - Level 3TS1FE18
Public Services - BA Hons Degree - TopupTH1HE175
Public Services - Foundation DegreeTH1HE153
Public Services - Level 2TS1FE15
Public Services - Level 3 Triple DiplomaTS1FE16