Construction - a message from your Head of Curriculum

Carl Shaw, Head of Construction, shares this video with her students.

A video follows the transcription below.

Hi everyone, its Carl - Head of Construction.

This is just a short keep in touch video to see how you're all getting on in these strange times.

Everyone in the Construction team is focused on your wellbeing. I hope you're staying safe and keeping active. And that you're doing your work via three cost shooters.

We have seen some fantastic work while working remotely, with students and teachers engaging mainly on the team's platform.

We've seen videos where you're all coming together to discuss key topics. We've seen you're interacting through the different assessments, assignments, presentations and quizzes.

Keep up the good work. It's vital you carry on doing the work because it will all go towards your grade at the end.

We do understand that doing this remote period that you'll have some questions that you'll need to ask but firstly, ask your course tutor through Teams.

Secondly, check out the Student FAQs on this website. Everything is sectioned out, and hopefully you get the answers you need. Otherwise get in touch with your tutor.

Last left, can I just say, a big thank you to everybody that has been engaging. We hope that you're all looking after each other and that you're all staying safe. And hopefully we'll see each other soon.

Remember, stay safe.