The Community Scorecard - our impact on the community

Community Scorecards are a product of research surveys and analysis and are particularly popular internationally. They give the public comfort that their views are being listened to, actions are being taken and the provider is geared towards measuring its effectiveness and sharing the results in public

Scorecard ratings are based on the traffic light system of red, amber or green, with green representing a good rating.

B&FC’s Community Scorecard

Our community scorecard is a tool to help you measure how much we contribute to our local community in Blackpool and The Fylde. It is laid out in three key segments covering student success, employers and community. A final section outlines our economic impact.


Overall performance


Business is positive about B&FC



Community engagement


Students succeed

Students are positive about B&FC

Students progress successfully


How well do students succeed?

Student success is measured through achievement rates and this is calculated by multiplying the number of students who remain on a course until completion by the number who achieve – it is expressed as a percentage. B&FC is in the top 2% of all colleges in England for school leaver success.*

Our weighted success rate for all our higher education and further education students is 91% and this rates us green using the benchmarks.

Are students positive about B&FC?

Yes. B&FC prides itself on being the most successful large college (GFEC) in the country and student satisfaction, how our customers react to our service, is of paramount importance.

Our weighted satisfaction score from further and higher students is 94% and this rates us as green using the College benchmarks.

Do students progress successfully?

Positive destinations include employment, employment commensurate with the level of study, for example graduate level positions for those who have completed a degree programme and undertaking the next level of education, for example a Master’s degree.

Our weighted score of positive destinations for further and higher education students is 94% and this rates us as green using the College benchmarks.

*National Achievement Rate Tables (NARTs) from the Department for Education and Education and Skills Funding Agency 2017/18


Employers are vital partners in the success of B&FC and the success of our students. The government conducts annual satisfaction surveys to help us promote the rich relationships.

In 2017, the results of a survey of our further and higher education employers showed that 9 out of 10 employers were satisfied with the service they receive and this rates us as green using the College benchmarks.


B&FC is vital to the needs of the local community and our community is vital to the success of B&FC. To help us picture the reach of our community engagement efforts with schools, colleges, charities, community groups, public-sector and third-sector organisations we constantly measure the volume of education interactions with our local residents.

60% of our total enrolments come from the local FY postcodes and the FY postcodes represent a total population of 276,593. This represents 3.5% of the total community engaging with B&FC and rates us as green using the benchmarks.


B&FC is one of the largest employers on the Fylde Coast with over 1100 staff. The vast majority (83%) of staff choose to live in the local area and contribute £23,807,000 to the Blackpool and Fylde economy.

We focus on those aspects of education and training which are needed to drive the economy, deliver a skilled workforce for industry, secure employment for students and promote social mobility.

This economic impact rates us as green using the College benchmarks.