Career builder bootcamps

Time for a change? Retrain for a rewarding career in health, care or early years with our FREE career builder bootcamps.

Are you ready to fast-track to a career in one of the following areas?

  • Elderly Care (Care Homes or Home Care)    
  • Working in a Hospital/Healthcare    
  • Mental Health Support or Recovery Services    
  • Working with Vulnerable Adults    
  • Working in Schools or Childcare    
  • Working with Families

From January 2021, why not build your own career boot camp from our course listing below?

Select as many courses as you like to develop skills in your chosen career area and boost your CV with a highly sought after set of accredited level 1 and 2 qualifications.

Each course is taught remotely via Microsoft Teams from 9.30am to 2.30pm on the relevant day and you need to complete a workbook to receive your certificate.

Courses are FREE if you’re unemployed and receiving benefits, or you’re employed and earning less than £17,004.  

Choose your course(s)

Mix and match as many courses as you need to create your boot camp. Check the table to see which courses are a good choice based on your preferred career area.  

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Which courses work for you?

Here are the courses - and which kinds of jobs they'll support...

Course Unit TitleElderly Care (Care Homes or Home Care)Working in a Hospital/HealthcareMental Health Support or Recovery ServicesWorking with Vulnerable AdultsWorking in Schools or ChildcareWorking with Families
Develop an Awareness of Substance Misuse  XXXXX
Introduction to Alcohol Awareness for the Individual XXXXXX
Introduction to Learning Disability XX XXX
Introduction to Stress and Stress Management XXXXXX
Personal Hygiene and Health in the Prevention and Control of Infection in Health Care Settings XXXX  
Introductory Awareness of Sensory Loss XX XXX
Craft Activities with Young Children     XX
Understand Children and Young People's Play and Leisure     XX
Principles of Positive Risk Taking for Individuals with Disabilities XXXXXX
Understand the Benefits of Engaging in Activities in Social Care XXXX  
Introductory Awareness of Autistic Spectrum Conditions XXXXXX
Understand How to Work in End of Life Care XX X  
Mental Health and Mental Health Issues  XXXXX
Understanding Continence Care XX X  
Understand Behaviour That Challenges XXXXXX
Understand Behaviour in the Context of Dementia XX X  
Understand How to Support Positive Behaviour XX XXX
Understand the Treatment and Management of Diabetes XX X  
Understanding Nutrition and Hydration in Health and Social Care Settings XX X  
Diabetes Awareness XX XXX
Understand Loss and Grief in End of Life Care XXXX  
Understand the Initial Care of Diabetes XX XXX
Understand Autism Spectrum Condition (ASC) XX XXX
Understanding Mental Health XXXXXX
Care Planning for the Care Worker XXXX