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Images shows a student placing cards in a dealing shoe on a Blackjack table

B&FC Fun Casino

A fun-filled, fabulous night of risk-free gambling for you and an opportunity for our students to impress you with their newly acquired croupier skills. Everyone's a winner at B&FC's Fun Casino events.

Fun Casino Evenings - On-site or off-site.


Create an evening to remember

Our fun casino evenings provide great entertainment while giving our students the chance to practise their croupier skills in a realistic environment. These events are for fun only and operate through ‘funny money’: owing to gambling legislation, no-one is allowed to personally gain from the evening but there is the opportunity to raise money for charity.


A choice of events

Our fun casino evenings can be tailored to your individual needs. Choose from the following two options:

  • No cost to guests – We will greet your guests and present them with a pre-determined amount of ‘funny money’, which they can use to play at the tables for fun.
  • Guests to make a charitable donation – With this option guests will be able to purchase ‘funny money’, with the proceeds being donated to a charity of your choice.[1]

A casino dinner package, including a welcome cocktail/mocktail, an hour’s fun gaming on the tables and slot machines plus a sumptuous three-course dinner in our Level 6 Restaurant is also available.

For more details about our dinner package:

Call: 01253 504157


What’s included

The prices below incorporate the following:

  • Event organiser
  • Table hire
  • Equipment transportation (for off-site events)
  • Trainee croupiers


The tables will be open for a period of three hours, with the following ‘industry-standard’ tables available for you to use:

  • 1 x American Roulette
  • 2 x Black Jack
  • 1 x 3 or 5 card Poker
  • Texas Hold’em poker



NGA-based event £100 per hour


External event

Within a 5-mile radius[2], £360 (any 3 tables)

Additional table £50


Contact us

To make a booking:



We will be happy to talk through your requirements with you.


[1] - Casino nights can be held as non-commercial prize gaming. The players must be told which good cause will benefit from the profits of the gaming before placing a bet. The prizes must be advertised in advance and must not depend on the number of people playing or the stakes raised. In non-commercial prize gaming, the casino gaming determines the individual winner or winners, who are then awarded the prizes that have been advertised in advance. For more information, visit

[2] - Please note: events based further than file miles away will incur additional transportation costs.