Vicky Schmierer

Studied Access to Nursing and Midwifery - Higher Education Diploma at B&FC • Graduated in 2016

Vicky Schmierer

My Story

I first knew I wanted to work in care as a teenager. I had a keen interest in autonomy and physiology and so I joined St. John’s ambulance to further my interests and help others. I worked hard at secondary school but had no real idea what I wanted to do as a career at that time. Without a chosen career path, it affected my GCSE results, as I didn’t achieve some of my expected grades.

I then went on from school to successfully study with Blackpool &The Fylde College at level 2 and 3 in different areas. Unfortunately a few years later the nursing diploma changed to a degree, and a GCSE at grade C was now required so I need to return to study again. I undertook my maths GCSE when my second daughter was just seven weeks old and passed with flying colours a year later in 2015.

I found enough courage in 2015 to attend an open evening to embark on the Access to HE course. It was one of the best decisions I ever made and upon meeting two of the tutors, I knew it was the right decision for me and so I signed up. The Access course lasted a full academic year, just over nine months and those months passed so fast its now all a distant, but very fond memory! I am now five months into my degree and I love everything about it, from the theory to the practical.

The level three work undertaken on the Access to HE was at such a high standard, that now in my first year of my degree, I already have the knowledge base being taught at Level 4.

It has enabled me to feel confident in my work and it has given me a solid foundation of anatomy and physiology that many of my fellow student nurses do not have.

My Most Recent Role...

BSc (Hons) Adult Nursing

How B&FC Helped Me

B&FC offers lots of networking opportunities. A range of employers recognised my qualification and I was able to gain voluntary employment due to the course I was undertaking to help support my personal statement for university. The personal support and encouragement felt from some of the tutors was phenomenal. My confidence soared and I developed extensive interpersonal and communication skills that have supported me in my current degree.

Why B&FC?

If you want a supportive and encouraging environment in which to learn, with the benefits of high quality teaching; which are shown year on year, then why wouldn’t you want to study here?


Calm, confident and in control” is what I tell myself daily.

If I am calm and positive in my mind, then I have the ability to believe in myself and therefore my thought processes are focused on creating and achieving my dreams.