Tara Phillips

Studied Digital and Technology Solutions - Degree Apprenticeship at B&FC • Graduated in 2020

Tara Phillips

My Story

I've always worked with systems and been fascinated by the processes powering them.

I also love looking at ways they can be streamlined and improved - to benefit both colleagues and customers.

I found out about a job in the council's ICT team that really appealed to me. But I didn’t have any ICT qualifications as I've always worked in customer service roles.

So I applied for it - and having experience working with systems, I was told I had an aptitude for the job, it was mine on the proviso I completed this course alongside it.

I am hoping to continue my career in ICT. I'm learning so much in my current job. I'm also looking at working more in web design and continue to look for ways to improve my knowledge. 

Winning a Tech Partnership award

It's no secret that every year government funding decreases. After conducting some research within my background of working in customer services it was found that telephone and face to face enquiries cost councils around £50,000 a month!

So I based my dissertation on “Digital By Default”.

By moving, streamlining and simplifying services online I saved the council over £169,000 in just 2 years.

My Most Recent Role...

ICT, Fylde Council

How B&FC Helped Me

The course was great. I learned so much, and the teachers are so helpful.

Most students in my class had knowledge of the subjects whereas I had none but both students and tutors where so supportive. 

It's hard juggling full time work, with a full time degree - and being a single mother.

Oh, and I moved house half way through the course!

There was a lot of coffee and late nights, but it was so worth it.

I found myself emailing questions out of hours to tutors – not expecting a reply – but I would still receive a response offering help and advice. 

Why B&FC?

Obviously you come out with qualifications but you also finish with a sense of achievement, amazing friends and future opportunities.

Even now I am still receiving offers from various universities to further study and being asked to apply for job roles after my profile has been viewed!


By moving, streamlining and simplifying services online, I saved the council over £169,000 in just 2 years.