Shane Benjamin

Studied Network Engineering Security and System Administration B.Sc. (Hons.) at B&FC • Graduated in 2018

Shane Benjamin

My Story

At 22 years old and with no qualifications other than GCSE’s I decided to look into a career in computing. I attended an open evening and was given great advice and shown a clear progression path towards my goals.

I was advised to apply for a Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma in IT, which covered a wide range of computing technologies. The course allowed me to find my strengths and help direct me onto one of many degree paths.

As an adult learner, I had made assumptions that undertaking a degree would be similar to past experiences of high school and A-level study. I quickly discovered that my assumptions were incorrect. 

My degree group was attended by a wide range of ages and abilities, the lecture timetables left me with adequate time to continue working, study and socialise and the tutors were relaxed, approachable and tailored their teaching style towards a more mature audience.

The course consisted of a mixture of theory and practical lectures and exams for each module. Assignments for each module were given strict deadlines

Course modules were challenging, with regular assignments and essay deadlines. Lectures were a mix of theory and practical learning, with tutors allowing time to ask questions, revisit subjects and aid with practical tasks. 

My Most Recent Role...

Cyber Vulnerability Threat Analyst at Vodafone UK

How B&FC Helped Me

Blackpool and the Fylde College allowed for opportunities to work on interesting projects and work with interesting hardware.

The community built within the group also allowed for opportunities to work on projects outside of the college. This could be helping to build new lab environments for fellow students or gaining vital work experience helping with genuine work projects.

My greatest opportunity was to work on a theory I had long held. With the guidance and expertise from tutors, I was able to finally test my theory.

Why B&FC?

Following on from graduation, I knew that I wanted to work within the IT security sector. Graduating from Blackpool and the Fylde opened a considerable number of careers paths. I was able to apply for graduate roles, allowing me to continue my learning in a work environment.

I now work as a cyber-vulnerability threat analyst for Vodafone UK, monitoring and assessing the cyber threat landscape, as well as designing and implementing counter strategies and mitigations.

Obtaining a degree from Blackpool and the Fylde helped me get here. 


Obtaining a degree from Blackpool and the Fylde helped me get the job of my dreams.