Rafal Bujakowski

Studied Computer Science at B&FC • Graduated in 2012

Rafal Bujakowski

My Story

After leaving B&FC, Rafal initially worked as a freelancer on a project creating data collection software for banknote scanners used in vending machines. He then went to work for a company which produces triage tools, where he worked for two years.

While with this company, he worked in digital forensic programming and was part of a team which developed a tool for data recovery. This product is now recognised as groundbreaking in its field and has been adopted by the world’s leading police forces, including in the UK and USA.

After the completion of this project, Rafal took a position with the Connells Group, a leading property services provider which includes estate agency, mortgage services and conveyancing. Rafal supports and develops their programming needs.

My Most Recent Role...

Programmer for leading property services provider Connells Group

How B&FC Helped Me

Rafal remembers his time as a student at B&FC with fondness.

He added: “I had a great time as a student. I worked hard but always felt supported by the tutors.

"The lectures, although they were covering technical subjects, were never boring.

"The lecturers were so passionate about their subject and this spilled over to the students.”

Why B&FC?

Rafal Bujakowski completed his studies at B&FC in June 2012 having completed a Foundation Degree in Game Development, an Honours Degree in Computer Science and a PGCE. In September of that year he began working as a computer programmer and realised how important choosing the correct degrees was to open doors to a successful career.

Rafal said: “When I began working as a programmer, I quickly realised a degree and the knowledge you gain studying really is just the tip of the iceberg. To get ahead and keep up to date with technology you constantly need to keep learning.

"You have to be passionate about wanting to learn.”


“To succeed in life you must have passion. Passion to do well, passion to work hard and passion to continue learning.” – Rafal Bujakowski