Matt Swift

Studied BA Graphic Design and Visual Communication at B&FC • Graduated in 2018

Matt Swift

My Story

I applied to study at B&FC in 2015, three years after leaving college. In those three years I worked in retail but realised that I wanted more than just a job, I wanted a career.

Being born and bred in Blackpool, I knew the area and the college, so applying to study at B&FC made complete sense. The First year of the degree course was all about experimentation.

Without realising, the skills learned initially would be built upon, and used to assist in projects up until the final hand-in in third year.

During my second and third years there was a focus on competition briefs which were externally set, and this added an extra level of excitement as not only were your tutors and friends viewing your work, but experts in the Industry were too. During the summer of second year, I completed a placement at a design agency called The Chase- based in Manchester.

During the month-long internship I helped artwork, edit and collate a publication for a luxury travel company, and sat side-by-side with Senior members of staff to not only learn from them, but to share my ideas too.

Completing the placement allowed me to view briefs from an industry perspective, as well as a student. I also knew from that moment on that I would love to work in an agency environment, opposed to freelance.

Throughout my final year I was encouraged to create exciting, thought provoking designs and this expanded from a print design to a product design, allowing me to create work within a three-dimensional space.

After graduating I secured a job at a Social Media agency in London called That Lot. My day to day now consists of liaising with Account Managers, Senior Creatives, Clients and a wider Production team and creating digital assets which are viewed by hundreds of thousands of people on paid and organic Social posts. I create digital content for leading brands’ social media accounts including HSBC, FOX and Disney Lifestyle.

My Most Recent Role...

Junior Graphic Designer - That Lot London

How B&FC Helped Me

Throughout the course students are offered a brilliant range of briefs, from in-house to live, to competitions, to build confidence and an understanding of the industry which can only be experienced as opposed to taught.

The tutors have incredible connections in the Industry which allowed me to apply for and complete my internship at The Chase. I was always encouraged to think bigger and that boundaries are meant to be broken within the creative space.

Why B&FC?

The University offers incredible facilities and brilliant staff who thrive with knowledge.

Along with the Creative side, there’s an academic portion of the course which helps you add reason to the designs you are creating.

Along with the friendships you build with others on the course, you also create friendships with the tutors. You value their opinions and appreciate the commitment and dedication they have in their mentoring.

The above and beyond mentality is testament to their love of the industry and is something that I’m inspired by and continue to use in my own work ethic.


There's no learning without trying lots of ideas and failing lots of times - Jony Ive.