Leonie Robson

Studied Access to Science - Higher Education Diploma at B&FC • Graduated in 2016

Leonie Robson

My Story

I have always loved animals and I have known from a very young age that my future lay in the animal industry.

I have experienced work in many different roles in the animal industries including stable yards, kennels, catteries, pet shops and zoos. However, I feel my true calling is reptiles and invertebrates. 

My Most Recent Role...

BSc Zoology with Herpetology undergraduate, Bangor University.

How B&FC Helped Me

Whilst at B&FC, not only did I make some lifelong friends, but I also learned some skills that really prepared me for university.

Unlike with previous college courses, at B&FC I learned vital laboratory skills, using laboratory equipment I had never come across at other educational institutions that I now use on a weekly basis at university.

I learned to improve my writing skills allowing me to write concise and informative reports/essays whilst juggling a tight word count.

I also learned how to correctly use the Harvard referencing system so I didn’t have the extra pressure of learning how to reference alongside everything else I was trying to absorb in my first year of university. 

Choosing B&FC when I decided to return to college allowed me to study as a mature student whilst also allowing me to work to pay for my course. My tutors where also incredibly helpful when I had any worries regarding work, exams or deadlines.

Why B&FC?

Being a mature student when I decided return to college my options were limited.

I needed a course where I could learn a lot and be ready for university in a short period of time.

B&FC provided me with a place of learning that was close to home and convenient to reach.

I didn’t attend an open day, but the helpful and friendly staff where very accommodating of my mature student status and financial situation and during the application process.


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