Lee Heath

Studied Network Engineering Security and System Administration B.Sc. (Hons.) at B&FC • Graduated in 2018

Lee Heath

My Story

I had always been good with computers having built a few of my own. Having worked in a low-paid job for many years I was determined to improve my prospects and learn valuable skills to pursue a better career.

Although not apparent at first, the NESSA course really was a perfect fit for me; the tutors were really helpful and passionate about the content they were teaching, which transferred on to me. I now share the same passion for learning new technical skills that I can demonstrate in the workplace.

I came to the college as an adult learner while still in full-time employment and progressed through the Foundation Degree and on to achieve a First-Class Honours degree. Since graduating, I have held a number of exciting roles in IT which have fulfilled my ambition to break in to the industry.

My Most Recent Role...

Network Engineer at Enghouse Networks

How B&FC Helped Me

I really enjoyed college life and made some really good relationships along the way. I mostly enjoyed learning through discussions with fellow students and tutors.

Classes being held in a classroom environment rather than a large lecture theatre provides the opportunity to form relationships with the tutors and students.

Why B&FC?

Having the Cisco academy and the ability to gain some of the most sought after technical skills in IT, provides a massive advantage and a head start prior to working in the industry.


I will continue to study and grow my technical skillset while working in the industry. I have been lucky enough to work in some exciting roles already and achieved some really good things.