Fox Redman

Studied Network Engineering Security and System Administration B.Sc. (Hons.) at B&FC • Graduated in 2018

Fox Redman

My Story

My love for IT and everything to do with computers brought me to B&FC so I could further increase my knowledge in the field. Assembling and disassembling machines to find out how everything works fascinates me and since B&FC offered courses relating to this I started the Level 3 IT course straight after leaving school.

At degree level, I chose the hardware route (Network Engineering Security and System Administration - NESSA) because I enjoyed this subject the most. NESSA allowed me to discover the inner workings of computer systems as well as how the internet and businesses work in the real world. I loved being constantly challenged to figure out new solutions to new problems and so much more.

My Most Recent Role...

IT Engineer, Impact Computing

How B&FC Helped Me

  • B&FC has an amazing, helpful and friendly staff team 
  • B&FC has a wide choice of dedicated hardware/software
  • B&FC fits around my working life
  • B&FC never a dull moment - makes you want to come back for more

Why B&FC?

During the second year of my foundation degree, I completed an industry work placement. This was a good experience and made me realise all the technical and personal skills I’m developing are helping me to secure a job in industry.

Doing the Honours year has provided me with the chance to get a job in the IT industry, which shows employers I’m willing to go the extra mile for a subject I’m passionate about.


I have my dream job at Impact Computing controlling the company’s IT systems, diagnosing and repairing problems as they occur as well as mitigating disaster.