Advanced Learner Loan: how to apply

Advanced Learner Loans cover the cost of many further education courses for students aged 19 and over.

And you don't need to pay back and Advanced Learner Loan until you're earning at least £26,575 a year (applicable to 2020 course starts).

Starting your Advanced Learner Loan application

You must have received your B&FC Learning and Funding Information and Offer Letter before applying for an Advanced Learner Loan.

You will receive this letter by email or post during the summer before your course starts.

If you're reading this in August and haven't received your Learning and Funding Information and Offer Letter, please contact us.

You'll also need your passport while completing your application online. Alternatively you can send to Student Finance England your birth certificate after submitting your application details.


If you need some additional support in completing your Advanced Learner Loan application, please watch this video guide.

What happens next?

Expect to receive a decision on your Advanced Learner loan within two weeks of submitting your online application and proof of identity.

If you downloaded the application form to send by post, it will take longer to get a decision.

Check the information on our successful loan application, confirming amounts to be paid and course details are correct. Make sure you let Student Finance England know immediately if anything is wrong, or has changed since your application.

Where the money goes

Payments are made directly to your college or training provider each month.

Course attendance must be confirmed before any payments will be made. If you stop attending at any point, your uni or college should let Student Finance England know as soon as possible, so they can stop any further payments.

Handy resources

Access to HE student?

If you apply for an advanced learner loan to cover the cost of an Access to HE course, Student Finance England will ‘write off’ any outstanding balances you owe once you complete a higher education course.

Access to HE courses

 Need more information?

Been more than a week since you completed your pre-enrolment form - and haven't received your Learning and Funding Information and Offer Letter?

Or maybe you need a hand completing your Advanced Learner Loan application.

Important information about Advanced Learner Loans

  • B&FC can help you with every aspect of applying for an Advanced Learner Loan, however, the decision to apply for the loan is yours alone. 
  • B&FC is not able to advise whether individuals should take out a loan or recommend how large any loan should be. 
  • If you choose to apply for an Advanced Learner Loan, you must answers all the application questions accurately for your own circumstances.
  • Any responses used in B&FC’s guidance are for illustration only and do not mean you should respond in this way unless that response is true for you.