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Adult Commercial Courses

Opportunities for employers and employees to upskill and reskill with our commercial skills training programmes.

Ongoing support for your business

As well as bespoke training packages, B&FC also delivers a comprehensive programme of commercial courses designed to meet the training needs of local businesses across diverse industry sectors. This training could provide mandatory accreditation to an employee undertaking MOT testing for example or offer upskilling opportunities in the beauty industry so that a business can offer the very latest techniques to its clients. 

Commercial courses running from Jul - Sep 22

We are pleased to be able to offer the following commercial courses before the start of the next academic year. If demand for any course exceeds our existing provision, we would look to provide additional training dates should resources allow. To find out more about an individual course, click on the title and you will be redirected to the dedicated course page.


IMI Accreditation Senior Paint Re-Accreditation, EN1EE8028

IMI Accreditation Senior MET Full Route, EN1EE8030

IMI Accreditation Senior MET Re-Accreditation, EN1EE8031

IMI Accreditation Senior Paint Full Route, EN1EE8071

F-GAS Automotive Refrigerant Handling - IMI Level 3, EN1EE8082

IMI Accreditation Light Vehicle Inspection Full Route (Pre-MOT Level 3), EN1EE8093

IMI Accreditation Senior Panel Re-Accreditation, EN1EE8126

Electric and Hybrid Vehicle System Repair and Replacement - IMI Level 3, EN1EE8129

MOT New Tester (Class 4 and 7), EN1EE8132

MOT Test Centre Management, EN1EE8144

IMI Accreditation Senior Panel Full Route, EN1EE8151

MOT New Tester (Class 1 and 2), EN1EE8157

IMI Accreditation Senior MET Familiarisation Day, EN1EE8160

IMI Accreditation VDA (Vehicle Damage Assessor) Re-Accreditation, EN1EE8166

IMI Accreditation Four Wheel Alignment (AOM 012), EN1EE8167

IMI Accreditation Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) Calibration (AOM 230), EN1EE8168

IMI Accreditation Electric Vehicle Technician, EN1EE8169

IMI Accreditation VDA (Vehicle Damage Assessor) Full Route, EN1EE8170

IMI Accreditation Electric Vehicle Technician Training Day, EN1EE8171


Casino Operations and Gaming Technology

Casino and Gaming Conflict Management, TG1EC01

Licence Conditions and Codes of Practice, TG1EC04

Texas Hold Em Poker, TG1EC05

Compliance Training (Bookmakers), TG1EC07

Compliance Training (Casinos), TG1EC08

Compliance Training (Amusements and Arcades), TG1EC09

Worldhost Principles of Customer Service - Level 2, TT1EC350



Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) IC1EC007

Computing - Half Day Training Course, IC1EC022

Microsoft Office - One Day Training Course, IC1EC023



AM2 Preparation, CE1EC09

Achievement Measurement 2, CE1EC159

Achievement Measurement 2s, CE1EC164

Achievement Measurement 2e, CE1EC165

AM2E Pre-April 2010 - Testing and Safe Isolation Unit, CE1EC166

AM2E Post-April 2010 - Containment and Safe Isolation Unit, CE1EC167

CSCS Training/Test and Card, CL1EC63

Natural Gas Safety Training CAT 1, CM1EC170

Natural Gas Safety (Reassessment) CAT 1, CM1EC171

CENWAT (Reassessment) CAT, CM1EC174

Cookers/Space Heating Training CAT 2, CM1EC182

Domestic to Commercial Changeover Training, CM1EC217

Gas Certificate for Domestic Engineers (MLP), CM1EC242

Unvented Hot Water, CM1EC243

Plastering - Level 2, WN1EE8191

Wood Occupations (Architectural Joiner) - Level 2, WN1EE8193

Wood Occupations (Site Carpentry) - Level 2, WN1EE8194


Education and Training

Assessing Competence in the Work Environment - Level 3, ST1EC10

Assessing Vocationally Related Achievement - Level 3, ST1EC11

Principles and Practices of Assessment - Level 3, ST1EC12

Assessing Vocational Achievement - Level 3, ST1EC13

Leading the Internal Quality Assurance of assessment processes and practice - Level 4, ST1EC14

Internal Quality Assurance of Assessment Processes and Practice - Level 4, ST1EC15



Welding TIG Masterclass, ET1EC303

Welding BS4872 Part 1 or Part 2 1982 Test - 1 Day, ET1EC305

Nuclear Simulation - 1 day awareness, ET1EC330

Nuclear Simulation - 2 day awareness, ET1EC331


Health, Beauty and Holistic Therapies

Ultra Defined Brows TB1EC19

Introduction to Sports Massage TS1EC65


Hospitality, Culinary Skills and Event Management

Barista Skills - Level 2, TF1EC065

Fgas Lashes Casino Barista Welding

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