5 Top tips
To survive exam time

1. Help yourself

Start early to make the most of the day. Yes, we know it hurts but you can have all the lie-ins you want once your exams are over. Find somewhere quiet to study and leave your phone/tablet in another room so you won’t get distracted – you can do it!

2. Practise on past papers

Ask your teacher for some past papers or google them yourself. Doing past papers improves your exam technique, leading to extra marks and less stress on the day. Some of the questions you attempt could come up in your exams too.

3. Ask for help

Make sure you understand what you’re revising. If not, research it or ask a friend. Better still, ask your teacher to explain it. They will probably be only too happy to help and might even be running some revision classes you could join.

4. No night-before revision

Avoid revision the night before. You'll just stress yourself out trying to cram it all in at the last minute. Complete your revision plan early, relax for the rest of the day, read over your notes and try to get an early night.

5. On the day

On the day of the exam, don’t try testing yourself on specific questions - this will just make you panic about what you think you don’t know. If you’ve kept to your revision plan, and you’re calm, the answers will come naturally. Good luck!

Remember - it will be worth it in the end!

It seems tough now, but keep in mind the better you do in your exams the better your chances in the future.

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