Scriptwriting for Stage, Screen and Gaming - BA Hons (Lancaster University)


Qualification Obtained: Scriptwriting for Stage, Screen and Gaming - Level 6 BA Hons (Lancaster Uni)

Course Overview

Our BA (Hons) Scriptwriting for Stage, Screen and Gaming is one of the most unique scriptwriting courses in the UK and is a discipline that is the cornerstone of all creative practice. You will explore how to write for film, television, gaming and theatre, as well as developing an analytical and commercial awareness that will prepare you for multi-skilled roles across the creative and digital sector. See your writing come to life through collaborations with actors and filmmakers, live projects with employers and national competitions that will build your skills and reputation as you study. You will gain employability skills in areas such as communication, marketing, digital literacy and team working that will lead to a range of jobs. MediaCity have provided a huge boost to the creative and digital industry and this degree equips you for a number of exciting career opportunities, both nationally and internationally.

On the programme, you will work closely with highly qualified, experienced staff and industry professionals to gain an exciting, real world experience. By studying with us, you not only graduate with an excellent degree – awarded by Lancaster University – but will have developed a portfolio of experience that will enhance your chances of success in getting the job you want.

By studying with us, you will join a highly successful group of students and graduates who possess innovative and adaptable skills that have allowed them to thrive in a dynamic and growing sector. As part of your programme of study, you will also have the opportunity to work collaboratively with other current degree students from Digital Production and Film Making, Acting and Musical Theatre, where you will be able to see your writing evolve and come to life. You will also have opportunities to work with local and national employers on live projects, as well as developing your skills to enter competitions and engage with a wider community of professionals and audiences. 

In terms of the bigger picture, you have chosen an excellent, diverse and thriving industry where there are plenty of jobs that relate directly and indirectly to the skills you will develop on this programme. As well as enhancing your creative skills and critical understanding of language and writing, you will develop wider transferable skills in communication and industry know-how that will allow you to work across multiple platforms with a broad range of industry professionals. Research conducted by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (2015) indicates significant growth in the this sector, with the following key findings:

  • The Creative and Digital Industries are now worth 8.8 million an hour to the UK economy 
  • The sector accounts for 1.7 million jobs – which is 5.6% of the job market
  • The Creative and Digital Industries grew by 10% in 2013 – three times faster than the wider economy

These findings also support research from Creative and Cultural Skills (2015) , Nesta’s ‘Manifesto for the Creative Economy’ (2013)  and Inc. Magazine (2014) , who all demonstrate that students with creative skills and qualifications are more likely to succeed in the workplace owing to their ability to ‘think outside the box’. According to Inc, creative people “observe, make opportunities, find new ways of learning, experiment, foster flexibility, remain open-minded, daydream, take risks, nurture and imagine”. It is these transferable skills that will make you highly employable in a broad range of creative and digital industries.

Furthermore, the team have consulted a range of industry professionals and academics, who have unanimously provided excellent endorsements regarding the programme’s content, structure, diversity and relevance to the workplace. Dr George Green, an author and Senior Lecturer in English and Creative Writing at Lancaster University, stated that: “The programme is an excellent idea and will provide useful sector-specific skills, as well as transferable skills to enhance employability”. This is also supported by Dr Christopher Dows, a successful graphic novelist and academic, who commented that: “this is an exciting and innovative programme that shows significant thought and research in its preparation. It combines a unique mix of academic and vocational subjects and plays to the considerable strengths of Blackpool and The Fylde College’s staff and facilities, who have an excellent track record in terms of results, subject specialisms and industry experience”. Finally, the screenwriter, filmmaker and author Dr Freddie Gaffney, stated that: “the programme will offer students an exciting, creative approach to engaging with an area that is the touchstone of all contemporary media productions” and added that “the chosen media are nothing without the writers. Overall, this programme has national, continental and global significance”.

In relation to other Higher Education providers, research conducted into Scriptwriting and related programmes in the UK, demonstrates that the combination of writing for stage, screen and gaming is unique – as programmes of this nature are either Screenwriting for Film, Television and Radio or Playwriting with Performance. This programme recognises the importance of interconnectedness across media platforms and will better prepare you for a constantly evolving industry – as the endorsements show. At the heart of this creative practice is the writer, who is the nucleus, from which exciting, dynamic and collaborative practice begins – and whilst you will clearly develop industry-specific skills over the course of this programme, the transferable skills developed in communication, writing, creative practice, digital literacy, team-work, independent learning, work-based projects and time management, will significantly enhance your chances of employment across a great many areas of the creative and digital industry.

Course Entry Requirements

Admission to level 4 would normally be on the basis of the applicant possessing:

  • 200 UCAS points or above with at least 120 points in an appropriate discipline relating to Communication, Media, Film or English related areas.
  • GCSE English at Grade C or above.
  • Entry to Level 5 would be on the basis of:
  • Successful completion of 120 credits with similar or exact learning outcomes – assessed via APL procedures.
  • Entry to Level 6 would normally be on the basis of:
  • There is no direct entry to Level 6.

2017 Entry Requirements

A new UCAS Tariff will be used for courses starting from September 2017, the new entry requirements are as follows;

A minimum of 80 UCAS points (previously 200) with at least 48 (previously 120) from an appropriate discipline relating to communication, media, film or English. Also, GCSE in English Language at grade C or above. 

Applicants who are able to demonstrate relevant work/life skills or knowledge will also be considered on an individual basis.

Study Options

Course Code: VM1HE03
UCAS Code: W123
Start Date: 12/09/2016
End Date: 07/06/2019

Duration: 3 Years
Location of Study: University Centre

Course Code: VM1HE03
UCAS Code: W123
Start Date: 12/09/2017
End Date: 06/06/2020

Duration: 3 Years
Location of Study: University Centre

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